Portrait of Katie Reid

Could I dare point out the similarities between these two pictures.

My oil painting of my daughter Kate from 2004 and Spencer Murphy’s photograph of Katie Walsh (see below). It could almost be the girl grown up!

Kate oil on canvas 30 x 30

~ by David Reid on September 12, 2013.

8 Responses to “Portrait of Katie Reid”

  1. Wonderful portrait, David and interesting to compare. Of course your young daughter hasn’t had the experiences that show in the face in the photo but, seeing them together does make one think of things to come for Katie. This is also a very powerful image.

  2. There’s a quiet “knowing” in both that is compelling, in both.

  3. I’ve seen many illustrators and painters thriving in their art with a certain ease at creating a sense of realism in their creations. I remember Rockwell and Vargas and many others you probably know of.

    I wonder if it’s really easy for you to generate.
    Although, I feel it’s somehow a desired attention for the details.

    Something here feels like these paintings, seen in person, would feel even more… alive.

    This babbling and perspective rubish above was really a way to say:

    Your work is something to behold! Shit, I’m impressed!

    Kindly yours,

    Frank ” Swedish Longfin ” Loon

    • Thank you very much Frank, that’s a great complement you have given me.
      I don’t find the realism easy and it is indeed a struggle to overcome the technicalities in portraits. Each one seems to have it’s own difficulties, like you have to start the learning process every time a new canvas is in front of you.
      But as you say, attention to detail brings the person “alive” in the end, I hope.
      Thanks again, David

  4. A gorgeous young girl, Miss Katie, and the glint of keen intelligence in her eye says she is, and *will* be, as impressive as Ms Walsh–and then some– as she grows. In just her own way! Compelling work, David.

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