Portrait, Stephen’s mum

stephens mum finished painting

It’s a strange feeling painting at 3am. You are in a dreamy state but also have to fight to maintain an alertness to complete the job in the right way. I never get a good sleep after a late session. I remain in a tense, muscle cramp doze and never comfortably go into that deep recovery sleep needed.

All worth it though, to fulfil a deadline. This is Stephen’s mum. Painted in warm greys and rose skin colours. Oil on canvas 14″ x 14″ . I love it when I get the chance to use tulip wood stretchers and linen support. Feels solid and reassuring under the brush.

~ by David Reid on July 19, 2013.

7 Responses to “Portrait, Stephen’s mum”

  1. It’s rare to see this level of accomplishment that still reflects the humanity and emotion of the subject. A wonderful painting

  2. Thank you Rosie. Amazing comment and very generous! I did enjoy painting this and on reflection I think I can see this in the painting. Thanks again.

  3. Lovely eyes, full of personality and grace.

  4. You have captured the essence of this lovely woman – character shines out of this work and we think Stephen must be a great bloke with a mum like this.

  5. Graceful painting, elegant yet twinkly lady!

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