Alla Prima sunsets

landscape demo sunset townscape small



landscape demos sunset dramatic small

A change of palette for me. An addition of a couple of extra blues (pthalo and ceruleum) and another yellow (winsor – very transparent!). Necessary because my usual earthy palette could never reach the vibrant colours in these sunsets.

It is an exercise in alla prima, wet-on-wet painting for my art groups. The painting above has about two hours of work in it, the one below ,a bit slower at three hours. I like to keep the paint buttery and glossy in this style. A touch of 50/50 medium of turps and linseed helps the flow. They are both painted on oil paper. This particular brand has a sheen surface that the oil paint just glides over and is totally non-absorbent. Great stuff to paint on.

~ by David Reid on July 2, 2013.

9 Responses to “Alla Prima sunsets”

  1. A new approach for you, and a very interesting one.

  2. These are delicious

  3. I like these so much. Thanks for the tips on Windsor yellow and the oil paper. Will pick your brain on alternatives to turps / linseed for close up work when I get back to group – in deference to my temporarily tickly tubes.

    • Thanks Harry, Shame you missed the demo, but the paintings are there to have a look at when you get back. I have oil paper to have a go on.

  4. These are beautiful, I love the colour and your brushstrokes, the paint really does looks glossy and buttery.

  5. Channeling Turner! đŸ™‚

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