Two paths, same goal

friday group 011 friday group 012

Here are two portraits from the Friday group. Two completely different approaches to the same aim; getting a likeness. Margaret, in the first, is painting a self portrait from life as she looks into a small mirror. Finding her way towards correct proportions and creeping towards a likeness. She redefines edges as she goes and delicately implies colour with transparent applications of oil paint.

Fiona, below, is painting from a photograph. She has an immediate likeness from the precision of the drawing and aims to maintain this likeness by strict adherance to the contours of the image. A consistent touch and careful control of colour and tone is required to succeed in this measured style.

~ by David Reid on June 14, 2013.

4 Responses to “Two paths, same goal”

  1. Well done-both! Margaret and Fiona should be quite pleased.
    A good teacher follows the intention of the student and guides her on her individual path. Kudos to you.

  2. How interesting to compare the styles.

    • It is a treat to see so many students show very different attitudes to painting. Especially when tackling similar subjects. The variety is enormous. Thanks for the comment

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