The Bold Sandy!

sandys painting

A painting by the famous Sandy. Throwing caution to the wind, he says “I want to try that”, pointing forcefully to a gorgeous landscape by Ivon Hitchens. That was the beginning , since then he picked up various influences to chop and change the composition to this completed image.

There is a landscape there and a window ledge of sorts and something framing on either side which could be a window or curtain or …..

It’s quite a large canvas, maybe four feet across which gives you a clue to how much paint is on it. Nice harmony of blues. Fine details in the flowers and an admirable sense of bravado. I like it!

~ by David Reid on May 31, 2013.

6 Responses to “The Bold Sandy!”

  1. very impressive – Sandy has talent, and buckets of Bravado – splendid ! 🙂

  2. Sandy, keep making art!

  3. Same Here! ‘,-)

  4. Fantastic!

  5. I like this painting too. Apart from anything else, I love the way there are little patches of complementary orange allowed to show through to enliven the picture.

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