Palette knife portrait

marys granddaughter palette knife study s

It’s always good to try something different. Not saying my subject is anything other than my usual thing, but, of course I am talking about the use of palette knife in this one as opposed to brushes.

This was really enjoyable, forcing the paint on in slabs and playing around as if icing a cake. Mary from Tuesday group brought in the picture of her granddaughter. Great colours caught my eye straight away so it was an easy choice to tackle an oil portrait.

Colours had to be mixed right first time to apply opaquely with as  little adjustment as possible. all the tones and shades have to be kept pretty much separate to keep the painting clean. Mix the paint on the palette thoroughly, scrape it up and bang.. on to the canvas. I got a bit fiddly at the end, admittedly, but I am still attached to the likeness. Not ready to let that go quite yet.

oil on canvas 8″ x 8″

~ by David Reid on May 28, 2013.

8 Responses to “Palette knife portrait”

  1. great work!

  2. You make it look and sound so easy!

    • Thank you. If i make it look easy then It must be working on some level, but don’t believe me if I make it sound easy! Between the lines you’ll hear a big sigh of relief!

  3. The contrast of the sweet young subject and the heavy paint is intriguing in itself. The result is delightful.

  4. Thanks again. Am learning loads just reading about and seeing all the paths that you’re exploring. Don’t want to give you more to do but it would be so interesting to see a palette knife version of Sandy sometime and/or of your recent ‘from life’ lady. Whatever you do choose to do next, it’s riveting in any case to hear those thoughts on likeness as you go .

  5. Thanks Harry, I will do more of this soon I’m sure. Next up though is a couple of commission works I need to get on with. The thing with likeness, it is always what I have been about in terms of portraiture but I have frequently thought I must try and let it go for development into a sort of narrative, figurative, treatment. A challenge really to see if I can. I’ve pencilled it in for “someday”

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