Demo no.5

scott demo bluer

Demo no. 5 at the “have to leave it to walk the dog” stage. I’ll get back down to the studio later to finish what was a tough week at the coal face (not exactly but you know what I mean).

Here is Scott. Skin is completely different colour than the others. Pale and more yellow ochre in the mix, reds are evident only in the shadows. His head tilted down makes for strong shadows underneath and high contrast.

The paint is more buttery and the technique used is going Frans Hals(y).

I ran out of time on the shirt, the strong check will take an hour or so by itself. You can see how the painting begins in the gap. I have used a 4×4 grid and the outline is painted in ultramarine blue. The blue shows through as the painting develops and is less likely to disappear into the skin tones.

I’ve really enjoyed this week and am pleasantly surprised how much my speed developed as the days went on.

~ by David Reid on April 26, 2013.

7 Responses to “Demo no.5”

  1. 5 great portraits in a week – well done!

  2. I specially like this David. Don’t really know why. Maybe its the direction you’ve taken with technique or skin tone but it seems to be the eyes that draw me.

  3. wow, you’re so prolific and it just gets better and better

  4. I love this one. What an engaging, endearing expression. And a fresh, free looking technique. Wonderful!

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