Demo no. 3

Demo 3 wednesday small

Demo no. 3 for wednesday class. That was a tough one. This being a slightly shorter class (average height 5ft 3″ ) meant I was rushing slightly to get to the finish, so errors crept in. I spent another hour in the studio with it to correct what I could. I would like to spend another hour on it but that would defeat the purpose. I am quite happy with it now.

The hair pulled back leaves a distinct head shape which was hard to find. Then the skin colours show a full range from hot to cool and my biggest problem here was to keep the skin clean looking.

I’ll try and pick an easier subject for Thursday’s demo.

~ by David Reid on April 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Demo no. 3”

  1. Your portraits have such a great feel to them! I wish I could see what this one looked like before the hour in the studio to see the progression. What did you mean about keeping the skin clean looking? Does it have to do with the warm/cool relationships?

    • Thanks Peter, less to do with the warm/cool thing and more to do with practicalities in keeping my palette clean. The full range of tones and the speed I tried to paint, meant a lot of paint getting mixed at once so contamination was something to watch out for.
      i have just got back from the studio where I couldn’t keep from retouching the portrait, despite being satisfied earlier! i am about to post the final version alongside this one. I spent another 45 mins but the changes are so small I wonder why I bother sometimes.

      • David, thanks for your reply. I see now; you wanted the many tones to remain distinct on the palette. It’s great to see the two side by side; to see the subtle adjustments.

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