The ruler is king


My lofty intentions to go entirely freehand didn’t last long, eh? I reached out for the ruler on this one. I have to say I did a freehand charcoal study before this one, of the same pose, and I did like it but I didnt intend it to be a keeper. I am scaling this for a portrait in oils. So I liked the first one enough to think I would attempt another to stand on its own as a piece.
I started with a grid and measured the features within as I needed. I felt I wanted to get the likeness straight away without fiddling and constantly adjusting. There was plenty adjusting though as it progressed but more assured. I am looking forward to painting this as the colours are vibrant in the room and the sitter is on a flowery fabric covered footstool.

~ by David Reid on March 13, 2013.

7 Responses to “The ruler is king”

  1. Glorious drawing

  2. She’ll make a beautiful painting. Love the doll curled in her hand.

  3. I love it at this stage, the focus is on her face and I’m not distracted by her environment, beautiful illustration.

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