Sandy again?

sandy oil demo

I painted Sandy again today in preparation for a demonstration coming up in April. The aim is to show the same image in various styles and mediums. I hope the thread running through all the works is that strong drawing is the basis for any representational artwork. A strong drawing gives freedom to experiment with any medium you like. That’s three completed now. I have this one, a pastel and a charcoal drawing.
It’s strange to see three images of the same person, all slightly different but still holding their likeness. There must be infinite subtleties to variations in the features that remains convincingly “Sandy”. I suppose the portrait artist has to stay contained within those parameters to achieve the likeness. It’s reassuring that there is some freedom to be had in the drawing and total accuracy isn’t necessary for success.

~ by David Reid on March 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “Sandy again?”

  1. I look forward to your other variations! This one is wonderful. The balance of maintaining that likeness while imbuing spirit is both exciting and difficult!

  2. Once again I am delighted to see variations and versions from you! I’m not too awful at drawing, but pretty mediocre at portraiture, so I pore over your portraits all the more avidly, hoping to learn how to get better. Multiple versions always help me to see what things you might do the same in different media and techniques, and what characteristics you work to emphasize. Doesn’t hurt that you have a handsome model! Another lovely piece, David.

    • Thank you Kathryn, glad to hear you get something from my posts. Posting them helps me to view the work from another angle and reading comments like your own is a major bonus! Thanks again

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