Marion’s Pacific Salmon


Marion had a job transforming a difficult image of these salmon into a painting. The image worked as a photograph but the fish were all swimming away from the viewer and showing weird unfishlike shapes. The solution was to ignore likeness and fishen the shapes up a bit. Turn them slightly sideways to show their fishness. (enough made up words now, eh? )
Also, Marion broke up the surface with some palette knife strokes and lost some edges in the drawing which helps us to visualise the action of salmon swimming against the tide.

~ by David Reid on February 15, 2013.

4 Responses to “Marion’s Pacific Salmon”

  1. Lovely

  2. I like your description of the problem and process here, David. And not surprisingly, find after reading it that my diet needs some ‘fishening up’. Made me hungry for salmon! 🙂

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