Sandy in technicolor

Sandy pastel

A pastel and conte drawing of Sandy. The artist responsible for the portrait of Harry in the previous post! He’s got a touch of the Leslie Nielson about him, eh? Similar sense of humour too.
I have always the intention of bold attack when drawing in pastel but my hand has other ideas. I usually end up doing what I have done here. Delicate and layered build up of cross hatching. It works, but one day I’ll do what my head says and not my hand.

~ by David Reid on February 8, 2013.

11 Responses to “Sandy in technicolor”

  1. Oh Ho He’s lookin’ good as usual – and the likeness is fab U LOUS. Think I’ll change my hair style!! ‘,-)

  2. Must be because you feel kindly toward your subjects. Lovely.

  3. there will be a bold attack on you when I see you

  4. havent learned the niceties of facebook

  5. Lovely pastel, David. I kind of know what you mean about your hand doing different things than you intend. It is hard to change what is working and risk messing up with a new approach. But it is also nice to be surprised by what your hand decides to do at any given moment!
    thanks for Liking one of my post on artcalling.

  6. Delicate and layered, yes, dear David–but it still holds the energy of sure and bold draftsmanship. Your head and hand (*and* heart) show through wonderfully in your work no matter what. But I look forward every time to seeing what you’re up to next!

    • Very kind of you to say so, Kathryn. Thanks. I’ll hopefully have something slightly different in the coming months! I’m looking forward to the next couple of jobs….

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