Demo in charcoal/putty rubber


Another demo portrait in charcoal. This time, the particular exercise is use of putty rubber as a drawing tool. Pushed for time with this one as it was the second exercise of the morning. A good thing, cause I was able to go hell for leather and pay more attention to what I was trying to get across rather than be concerned that my drawing looked good. The outcome is that, ironically, my drawing looks to me better than usual. A lesson for me here!
I only had twenty minutes to show the idea but proved to be enough.
That was a flurry of demos there in the past few weeks. I think that will do for now and I’ll pass the willow stick to the groups and see what comes of it.

~ by David Reid on October 25, 2012.

7 Responses to “Demo in charcoal/putty rubber”

  1. Great! Across the pond we call the puddy rubber a kneaded eraser. It works either way.

  2. Amazing what the rubber adds David. Keep it all going. ‘,-))

  3. You’re such a good portrait artist

  4. Your paintings and drawings are beautiful.

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