Hugh Loney


Hugh walks and makes art. With whatever and wherever. He develops themes and ideas and within one theme he tirelessly repeats the work with endless variations.
This construction of a found piece of driftwood and a low light just before sunset is part of a strand of like images made to a blueprint, where the object, tiny to massive, is dug and secured into the sand and photographed or filmed. The image is of an imagined landscape no longer our beach and the wood/door is now a kubrick monolith.
I asked Hugh to describe it for me for this post. “It’s a bit of wood on the beach” he said with a wink.

~ by David Reid on October 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Hugh Loney”

  1. Love it ! 🙂

  2. I don’t know exactly why but this somehow reminds me of Barry Flanagan – per recent progs on BBC4. The work is on the face of things so very different from Flanagan’s sculpted hares: yet the use of driftwood abandoned by the sea, and maybe – I suppose – Hugh’s recourse to the wink as you describe it, suggest to me a similar attitude to art and I would guess to life. All power to Hugh, though no doubt he wouldn’t ask it.

    However all that may be this surely is a super image from a now distant place.

    • Yes Harry, I can perhaps see how you would be reminded of the hares. Is it the overscaling and the unnatural placement. On one hand they represent the animal but on the other they are large constructs of metal in an environment they dont naturally belong. Here, the door/wood appears larger than life in an unexpected place.Challenges to visual expectations.
      But I agree, great image and he can rightly say “made you look”

  3. Understated, subtle, still, quiet, gentle and extremely mysterious – just like the man himself!

    • Hello Jo, Hugh, as you can see is still making. Wouldn’t it be great if Hugh could present his work with a bit of backing. If I had the dosh. ….. But he walks on regardless and its super, imagining the lone passer by stumbling across hugh’s work! X

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