Seascape by Audrey


Taste is a funny thing. Everyone thinks they have the measure of it and anyone who disagrees has little of it.
I, admittedly, think similarly. My view of good, bad and inbetween is biased toward what my particular taste might be.
But, I have always thought that I can overcome that bias and rate a piece of work objectively, based on criteria falling within the “rules” of making art.
Anyway, to come to the point, I love this seascape by Audrey, one of the wednesday group in the HAC. I know not everyone would like this. On the other hand I know some would like it, and like me, would love it. The frustrating part is that I want everyone to appreciate how good it is, ( Audrey included) but I suppose we all have our own tastes.
It reminds me of William McTaggart, the scottish landscape painter mixed with some Frank Auerbach.

~ by David Reid on September 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Seascape by Audrey”

  1. i like it is has that certain something that resonants with me

  2. I like the way the colours merge across the water David and how it seems that you can look into the sea. Mostly though I like the freedom that I seem to see throughout the painting as though Audrey is saying what she herself wants to say.

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