My paintings from the Dick Institute exhibition were returned today. It turned out to be a popular show and always good to hear positive feedback. Seeing paintings fresh after a time always unsettles slightly. Not that I don’t like seeing them,  just that it is a reminder that I get a bit tight when painting commissions. The paintings done for myself or at my invitation seem to have a bold touch not evident in the commissioned work.

Here is one portrait that I feel has fulfilled somewhat my desire to put the paint on thicker and with more of the  “touch and leave” idea.

This is Peggy, my wife’s granny, who worked daily in a charity shop in Kilmarnock till the end. Peggy was a well kent face in town. She is pictured here behind the counter of “The Innocents” shop. I’m sure she would have been very proud and also slightly embarrassed to know her portrait was hanging for two months in her home town in the “Dick”.

~ by David Reid on May 29, 2012.

8 Responses to “Peggy”

  1. I think your modelling is really good, and the colours and sense of space also. Nice one.

  2. What a wonderful portrait, beautifully done. Congratulations on your exhibition.

  3. Love the engaged expression and the body gesture. Gives the viewer a wonderful insight into this individual. Her hands are particularly wonderful.

    • Thank you Elena. I was well above eye level, looking down on Peggy in this one. I thought it gave an interesting angle to view her behind the counter.

  4. I like Peggy… and I like her story too.

  5. Yes David – ‘Very Proud’

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