Harry’s Garden

Harry began with my group in September and has completed his first painting. Not only his first painting with the group, but first ever! He took some time over this and took gentle weekly ribbings for his patient and measured progress. But it has paid off. I think for a first oil, this is amazing. He tells me he has learned a vast amount just painting the one canvas. Next up, he is going to change tack and learn a looser technique.

I went to visit the garden a few weeks back and of course it is exactly as seen here!

Did I say he was finished it? Oh, I forgot he has a bit to do to the slabs at the left. Thats another month then, Harry?

~ by David Reid on May 14, 2012.

26 Responses to “Harry’s Garden”

  1. Wow, an amazing first painting, well done to Harry. Please show his next masterpiece (however long it takes !)

  2. Wow this is his first painting? He has so much talent

  3. Great painting Harry! So many different areas of interest and texture, great color, Really NIcE!

  4. Heartfelt Thanks from Harry –
    Wow – I’m gobsmacked. 3:00 am Wed 16th. Just catching up on my mail and have just read the blog and comments.
    Am thinking that I must be dreaming but what a dream and what a boost.
    Thanks David and thanks to all for your support.


  5. Astounding first outing. Must be the great teacher guiding him forward! 😉 It *does* make such a difference to be in the right environment in order to learn and progress. But Sir Harry clearly has some special starting gifts that make the whole thing worthwhile, too. Not least of all, that he’s clearly a fine gardener!

    • Thanks Kathryn. The comments on the painting have been a great surprise and a great help to me. Thanks to David and a super Monday morning art group I’ve been able to pack a lot of learning into this wee picture of my garden. I’m really looking forward to starting on another subject that I’m hoping will involve less detail and so maybe help me loosen up a bit and – who knows – maybe even finish in a reasonable space of time.

  6. fantastic

    • Thank you Rosie. You’ll see from what David has written and from my reply to Kathryn that my next step is to try to loosen up and find a style that allows me to complete some landscapes with maybe a bit less realism and hopefully – gradually – the beginnings of a more settled style that fits the way I see things.
      I’d guess that that all changes as you paint and start to learn a bit about where you want to go but its great to be at the threshold of so much thats new. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It all helps greatly.

  7. It really is beautiful….:)

    • Thank you Jane 🙂 and great gratitude to Boucle ‘,-)
      Am looking forward to my second painting now and it helps a lot to know you liked my first.

  8. my grandpappy really is a great painter .. good job grandpa on your fist painting keep it up hope to see more
    lots of love Eilish, Beth and Hannah xx

    • Thanks so much Eilish & Hannah & Beth,
      It’s grand to know that the distance doesn’t beat us and that you’re liking what I do.

      The outside stuff on my ‘have to do’ list is nearly finished thanks to the exceptional dry weather we’ve been having in West Scotland this year. I’ll be able to extend my time on art as soon as I have the inside ‘really have to dos’ at the same stage as the garden. With luck this should be sorted in the next few weeks.

      So far as visual art – i.e. in my case painting – is concerned I intend to try to paint much more quickly for a while until I start to settle on a style.

      As you can imagine 22nd June is a special milestone date for me and with luck I should have my decks pretty clear by then this year. Meantime I’m in touch with your dad / Fin whilst he’s working in Geordie land and we should be able to meet before he comes back home to you.

      My second painting should be finished relatively quickly. I’ll copy it to you as soon as its done and you must let me know what you think of it.

      Meantime All My Love & Take Good Care XXX

  9. Harry,
    the Painting and Garden have come along so well…Honest m8 ur got it on the eye for detail,tone and the reflective work on the pond…Its been a wonderful process,watching u grow into what i know will be a special time for you when u paint.. And now step back look at ur first work piece*-‘Pat yer-sel oan the back’ and know u got the touch off a great artist…Looking forward to being by your side as you paint many more… See You soon Harry..x

    • Thanks Alan – Hope you’ll be painting. i’m not the only one with an eye. ‘,-)

  10. This is a first effort? Wow!

  11. Thanks so much Thomas and yourself David,


  12. awesome harry really as i rember that part of the garden

    • It means a great deal to me to have a response like that from you Betty. I promise I’ll let you know when I tackle more new stuff.
      Meanwhile – come through and enjoy the garden any time.

  13. Well done Harry, a truly stunning painting, you would never guess from looking at it that it was your first ever! Stunning garden, puts all the neighbours gardens to shame 😉

    • Thank you Annie re the painting ‘,-),
      I’ve submitted an entry form for the Eglinton Exhibition next month so am hoping that the judges like the work well enough to put it on display ‘,-s I’m more than happy to hang it on my own wall though so all is AOK ‘,-) Just in case I’m lucky – the title for the exhibition – and for my own wall for that matter – is ‘Edie’s Garden’

  14. Well done Dad for getting a place in the exhibition at Eglington! Inspiring!

    • Thanks lots. Don’t know who said well done Dad but I shall seek you out shy person.

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