Portrait Demonstration

A demonstration in oils this time for the Friday class. There are a couple in the group who haven’t had a chance to really see oil painting in action. Lots of questions asked and hopefully answered. There can be a mystique surrounding oil painting to some who have avoided the stuff. Also, portraits can have a reputation for being painted with a mysterious impenetrable skill. I think it can mostly boil down to some tried and tested techniques and strategies. I love it when that realisation sinks in that a likeness is possible with a few flexible rules.

This one was a two hour session. I nearly lost the whole shebang about three quarters of the way through. When I started painting the background I lost the hair bacause of the similarity of the colour and tone. The face too has that same olive complexion that I couldn’t quite distinguish from the surrounds. A few deep breaths, beads of sweat and then loads of corrections, led to regained clarity and my ego intact!

~ by David Reid on March 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Portrait Demonstration”

  1. Living dangerously when preforming a demo..but you clearly prevailed:)

  2. Marvelous. Good save, as we say! A charming end result, even if there was a bit of a cliff-hanger in mid-process.

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