Demo in Watercolour

Here is a portrait in watercolour I used as a demo yesterday. A face full of character but has a still presence. The skin has seen lots of sunshine.

This project for the Tuesday group is an exercise for freehand drawing and carefree application of pools of colour. I like the watercolours of Charles Reid, seen in many an artists magazine, so I had him in mind on this one. Lots of random splashes, a few drips and trails and a mix of layers and wet in wet colour mixing.

I took an hour on this and I would usually take it a bit further but I am going to practice what I preach and leave well alone now.

~ by David Reid on March 14, 2012.

8 Responses to “Demo in Watercolour”

  1. Ooooo … you’ve drifted over to the dark side David! ha ha … watercolour fab for splatters! Like it!

  2. Nice work!

  3. looks great! looking forward to Fridays Demo 🙂

  4. I love the exuberant energy this carries! It looks so relaxed and playful and as though it almost ‘painted itself’–which, as I well know, contrarily takes immense skill and control and experience, almost to a perverse degree, to accomplish. Well done.

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