Two Portraits….Different Hands

Firstly, we have Michelle’s painting of Campbell. A terrific chiaroscuro study of the face. The harsh light doesn’t betray the warm friendly tone of the piece.

Secondly, Margaret’s depiction of Tommy. Great skin tones. Slightly different approach from Michelle in this instance, but dramatically different visual outcome. Michelle painted a complete tonal underpainting in a burnt umber, then overpainted in dry glazes to subtly bring out the flesh colour. Margaret went for the direct flesh colour in the underpainting and finished with a second layer of fatter paint on top.

I think I am giving away too many trade secrets to these two!

~ by David Reid on March 13, 2012.

9 Responses to “Two Portraits….Different Hands”

  1. awesome post. sharing on fb

  2. thank you David 🙂

  3. How fortunate your students are to be studying under your guidance. These portraits are wonderful!

    • Thank you. But really,I am lucky to have such a great group ! I took some photos today of the work of a typical wednesday class, I think there was eleven today. I’ll post them up when I get the chance. Such variety! Cheers, David

  4. Delightful, once again, to see works side by side (or upstairs and down) to invite comparison of techniques and styles and how they affect the outcome!

  5. What’s unbelievable is how different we all are when we process faces, landscapes, abstract designs through ourselves and then let that flow out into our verbal or visual understanding of exactly the same thing. These are both effective portraits, but the painters painting them must be very different inside, leading to the creation of character in the faces that is very different. This goes beyond technique.

    • I agree. I used to naively believe the copying process would bring about the same result with varying degrees of “accuracy” and that being the only variance. I didn’t account for the difference the inner experience, and the intention, has on the the outcome. The artist is there in the painting as well as the sitter!

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