Portrait Demo ( Girl in white top)

Another demo for a keen student of oil painting. I have painted this girl before, as a commission and as a demonstration.

It is painted in 3 hours, the first two hours in the demo and an extra hour to tidy up and take to a finish.

~ by David Reid on February 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Portrait Demo ( Girl in white top)”

  1. Love the movement everywhere-especially her hair.

  2. Lucien freud like talent ! That s a compliment, obviously. Where r u ? In europe by any chance? Might like to commission 3 portraits . Thnks. Nathalie

  3. A sweet portrait. The thoughtful–even near-melancholy–expression you captured so nicely in her eyes and the set of her mouth, and even in the subdued light colors used throughout, is so much more interesting and approachable than the stereotypical posed, smiling portraits that hacks are always producing.

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