Six Into Twelve III

Jim is an artist and musician from Irvine. One of the founders of the group that brought artists studios to Irvine harbourside.

He also helped a great deal with the Well Kent Faces exhibition I had in 2007. It was only right and proper that I include a portrait of him in the show.

It is one more of the paintings showing in the exhibition at the Dick tomorrow night. Jim might make it to the preview, so hopefullyI’ll get a photo of him next to it.

See his website by following the link in the blogroll on the right hand pane.

~ by David Reid on January 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Six Into Twelve III”

  1. Wonderful portrait. The hands are exquisite.

  2. This is excellent, wonderful portrait.

  3. It’s a terrific likeness, seems to capture a lot of personality, and somehow best of all I like that slight tilt that makes it, if not more characteristic of the sitter, at least more distinctive as a portrait!

  4. A terrific portrait!

  5. Great work, and yes, I noticed the hands too!

  6. Thank’s to all the comments above, really appreciate it. I had fun painting this portrait probably because it was ultimately for me and the sitter was a friend. Thanks John,

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