Train Driver

This is another christmas present commission. Robert asked me to paint this image of his  grandfather as a gift for his mum. The original was a black and white photograph that I scanned and blew up. I cropped the image to just the portrait. I used Burnt umber, Titanium white and Ultramarine blue ( as a mix with the umber to get the blacks). The painting was photographed using my rubbish phone so quality isn’t great.

~ by David Reid on December 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “Train Driver”

  1. Beautiful painting. The eyes are so expressive: there’s a hope, but also a vulnerability there. Very touching!

  2. Very nice! I’m sure Robert’s Mum was pleased with the gift.

  3. A wonderful portrait;open, expressive, great composition.

  4. What a beautiful head shot this was to begin with, and I love the chromatic-greys treatment that really makes the deep wedge of the composition frame him and pop with life rather than dull out as grisaille can do. You make me think I must attempt something in this vein soon. It won’t be close to yours, but worth the effort! Thanks for the inspiration. Superb.

  5. Beautiful, David, as always. It’s nice to see your student’s work, but even better to see yours.

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