Side by side

Kathryn at thought it would be an idea to see Michelle’s two recent paintings together.

Two very different painters as inspiration, makes for a difficult and testing challenge. Klimt and Euan Uglow. The first, an Austrian symbolist with a love of decoration , costume and gold leaf ; the second, an english painter who constructed his paintings meticulously from life using measurement and painstaking method.

Michelle is relatively new to painting, amazingly, and has been attending classes previously to better her drawing skills. It takes an open mind to attempt a style away from your natural painting hand, but she almost takes it in her stride when presented with new approaches.

Next up is a Lucien Freud like portrait. Can’t wait for all that paint and craggy flesh!

~ by David Reid on December 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “Side by side”

  1. Thank you for doing this, David! It really is amazing to see these juxtaposed. I’m envious of her and you both when it comes to painting, and I can learn so much from seeing these pieces in different contexts and aided by your descriptions. So wonderful. Kudos to both of you!

  2. Lovely. The faces are very similar. They could be siblings!

  3. How nice for her children to not only have these wonderful portraits of themselves, but to have them painted by their mother is a legacy that will be passed down through their family for generations.

  4. Ethel and often come here to look at both your work and your student’s work. We always enjoy seeing what is coming next. But I do have one question. How do you get your art so quickly into webpress. Ethel has pastels that I would love to post, but it costs a fortune here: $125 per single work, and educators do not have enough money to get a disk made very often. Do you have your own equipment in your studio?

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