Two painters

I have a varied group of painters in my wednesday class. Varied in many ways, such as skill set, ambitions, personalities of course and they are a group of individuals, in regards to what inspires them to paint.

Here is one example of two paintings on the go last wednesday. The first is by Susanne, a Venice scene of gondolas in the water early morning. This is painted really well with bold paint strokes. Knitted together to cover a dark red ground, which itself shows through to harmonise the image. Fine use of colour to evoke the quiet cool morning of Venice before it awakes.

Then, secondly, we have Audrey who paints with complete abandon. Audrey attempts to invent, every single time she picks up a brush. You could see Audrey’s hand in all her paintings but still, they are all different.

This one is a meditation of water, ( ocean, sea, lake? ). Brilliant colours made with acrylic ink, washed and dropped, dry brushed and wet in wet. There is a touch of chinese calligraphy here too.

This is like a section of Philip Glass music with repeating beats and subtle chord changes.

The only trouble with Audrey is the thing I like about her work. She always changes therefore she doesn’t (yet) give herself a chance to develop an idea into a thematic body of work.

~ by David Reid on December 10, 2011.

One Response to “Two painters”

  1. Both wonderful paintings. You’ve written about what I enjoy most about teaching;the different perspectives, and points of view that ultimately define how one approaches the work and the final piece-exciting. Add Phillip Glass to the mix and it gets even better;) I actually have a student named Audrey as well. She works much like your student/Audrey. We have a deal. She works without too much suggestion one piece, the next I get to “stretch” her skills.

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