Wednesday Demo

Today saw me give a demonstration of portrait painting in oils. Same image as the pastel demo a few days ago.

It throws up different problems working on the same image in completely different mediums. I use a limited palette of Titanium white, raw umber, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and I add cadmium yellow and cadmium red for brights and options on skin tones.

I therefore found I couldn’t get the range of colour I had with the pastels. I was struggling a bit with a white ground especially at the lighter areas of the tunic, but resolved by leaving paint thin and showing some white coming through. I’ll try a time limited oil with a mid-toned ground with the same image again and see how it works out.

This began with a freehand outline in thin ultramarine which is still showing  in parts. Then I go straight in with as correct a colour as I can and block in main tones. Progressing from area to area in no particular order, but maintaining a steady route to finishing touches.

This is a two hour demo. I think I burn about 1000 calories doing this kind of thing. Saves me going for a run later!

~ by David Reid on December 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wednesday Demo”

  1. Wow the pressure is on with a two hr. demo. I’m impressed. I also find the paste/oil comparison really interesting. I’ve never intentionally tried the same subject rendered in different media , (I have however, messed one up and started over with a new approach). There’s an entirely different energy to the two. Excellent post. Thanks

    • Thanks Elena, there is a necessarily different energetic approach, I found. The pastel was gentler and felt slower with a graded build up of layers, I was aware that marks down are marks to stay. Whereas the oil could be manipulated and rubbed off, a lot more carefree. The oil was like a work out! Almost a blurry attack ( exaggerating a bit here!) and more fun.

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