Pastel Demonstration

Tried a pastel portrait for the Tuesday group. This demo was around 45 mins in class and a half hour in the studio to clean it up.  The image is a royalty free photo from the web. It is drawn on black sugar paper with cheap school grade pastels so I was surprised at how bright the results were. I have been a bit frightened of pastels in the past but inspiration came from a Degas documentary on tv recently. Amazingly the shop that Degas got his materials is still making colours. You wouldn’t think a pile of chalky sticks could bring such deep joy to the eyes. They do though.


find the original photo by Lumi here

~ by David Reid on November 26, 2011.

19 Responses to “Pastel Demonstration”

  1. this is soooo impressive, truly amazing and very beautiful!
    thanks for posting!

  2. Great texture and colour. A drawing within a painting.

  3. I really like it. A real feast for the eyes.

  4. beautiful =)

  5. This is stunning work. Ethel and I have gone through several of your pastels and Ethel keeps saying, beautiful. The portraits, the landscapes, everything we looked at has such strong color and composition.

  6. Vibrant, emotive and full of energy-wonderful.

  7. I love this pastel. It is vibrant and alive.

  8. Isn’t it awesome how great these pictures look when you first try pastels. It just sort of flows and this perfect picture emerges so quickly. I love pastels and want to do more, Your picture is awesome! Keep it up!

  9. I love the colour and the texture that you’ve achieved with pastels, I’m still learning about the medium and hopefully will have the confidence to try and do some portraits soon.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, I’ve really enjoyed browsing through yours and seeing all of the different works of art you’ve created.

    • Thank you for looking in. Glad you enjoyed the paintings. I usually work in oils and the pastel was a bit of a departure. This one being a demonstration forced the style of it and I am pleased it came out in this lively way. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Cheers, David

  10. What an amazing rendition!!

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