Back From the Framers

Portrait of Alison is ready for giving away. Here is a pic of the framed picture, with colours more true to the painting. Pick up is tomorrow.

~ by David Reid on August 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Back From the Framers”

  1. Hi David, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with this, it’s brilliant! The colours are really fresh, and you’ve managed to inject a lot of character into the painting. Do you ever get you’re oil paintings framed with glass?

  2. Thanks Sonnie, glad you like it. I enjoyed pushing the colours in this one. I’ll try and keep that idea going.
    Re: glass or no glass – I used to put glass in some of my smaller oil paintings but I rarely put it on any at all now. It’s good to see the surface without the barrier, I think.

  3. yes, davy, these colours vastly improve things…… you say the subject is “Alison” ; she looks incredibly close in features to our mutual friend ” CC”, don’t you think ?

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