Nancy’s Flower Painting

A painting by Nancy from my HAC Art Group. This is Nancy’s way of learning to avoid blending away brush marks and avoid succumbing to the overpowering need to be botanically accurate. Up until this painting she showed the flowers much too much respect. This time the gloves were off.

Applying the paint with a palette knife didn’t allow fuss and forced the paint on thickly. Another technique she used here is restricted palette. Only titanium white, yellow ochre, perhaps a lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and I think a raw umber.

The result is a successful, energetic and lovely painting.

~ by David Reid on June 26, 2011.

One Response to “Nancy’s Flower Painting”

  1. wonderful exercise-I agree that setting limits for oneself or adhering to limits provided in an exercise, does push us to become more creative-paradoxical but true

    nice work Nancy!

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