Watercolour Portrait

I have been struggling with this one for a while. I have an oil sketch of this image which worked on a small scale and decided to try a large watercolour of the same pic. It wasn’t working initially, following the idea of trying to take it to a finish as quickly and with as few layers as possible. No, I couldn’t bring it to that finish that I was able to do with two earlier watercolours. Next step then,  was to treat it with contempt and get more pigment on, against all watercolour rules about transparency. In places the colour is applied with the consistency of gouache.

It’s still unfinished. I can see that applying thick colour in one area requires the same consistency all over the composition. So still work to do , particularly in the lower parts.

It’s intentional to make the flesh blotchy but still I would like to mess it up even more.

I am really lazy and neglect to stretch my paper so there are shadows showing where the paper dips and folds.

I showed the painting at today’s watercolour workshop at the HAC. All went well and I think everyone gained some knowledge and had a bit of fun.

~ by David Reid on May 29, 2011.

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