Uh-Oh, Kate can paint!

What have I done? I have not repeatedly told the weans till my throat was sore to avoid painting at all costs.

I am sure I have said it often, just not often enough or with manipulative tears or threats.

Maybe Kate will get over it soon but the fact that she got paid for these two means I dread the worst. Sooked in, she’ll be!

Amyway, here’s Kate’s first bona fide commission. She was painting a picture for a friend’s birthday when a friend of mine saw what she was up to and asked her to paint two portraits for christmas presents.

~ by David Reid on February 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Uh-Oh, Kate can paint!”

  1. Great news David! She’ll enjoy a bit of the high life like yourself now, eh?! ha ha Hope you’re well and busy in that studio … I must come visit.

    • Hi Gillian

      Great news indeed, doh. It’s Kate’s parents night tonight, so I think I’ll have a word with her art teacher to sabotage her portfolio – I’ll slip him a tenner.

      Yes, studio is doing fine – worry about justifying the expense but holding steady just now – I am seriously thinking of starting a class to pay for rent. I have four or five folk interested so it’s just up to me to get organised.

      How is your own work doing?. Still painting?

      Come down anytime, though – just warn me if you do cause I might be out sketching the landscape ( ha ha – in the house hoovering more like!)


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