New Studio

I got the keys yesterday to a new studio space.

Courtyard Sudios is a WASPS run building down at the harbourside holding space for around  20 artists. A right old mix of output from the place; painters, jewellers and musicians.

Having worked from home  for the last few years, I now can’t wait to try out the “going to work” vibe and testing my ability to put the hours in. (Failed miserably up till now). I’ll be sharing the unit with another artist, a textile designer but the floorspace is more than enough for us both. A funny thing – I am back in the same space I had 16 years ago when WASPS in Irvine started! I had the studio for a year sharing with Charlie Gilmour photographer. Had to chuck it then for a while but here we are again.

Moving stuff in today and paint goes on first thing Monday (after Jeremy Kyle of course… then there’s Judge Judy……..

~ by David Reid on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Studio”

  1. Congrats on new studio David! You’ll be desperate to get in and get on! I look forward to a wee tour when you’re settled.

    • Hi Gillian

      Yes, cant wait and see how it goes. It’s a wee experiment on a population of one. Myself as the lab rat. Result will be working artist or charlatan. No pressure though, I’ll keep a perspective on it.

      Come in anytime and see the space, I dont think I’ll have set up perfectly for some time. I’ll adjust as I go.

      I’ll get back to you on your landscape over the weekend – haven’t had time yet.



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