To An Artist – Robert Burns

Dear -, I’ll gie ye some advice

You’ll tak it no uncivil:

You shouldna paint at angels mair,

But try and paint the devil.

To paint an angel’s kittle wark,

Wi’ auld Nick there’s less danger;

You’ll easy draw a weel-kent face,

But no sae weel a stranger.


~ by David Reid on January 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “To An Artist – Robert Burns”

  1. Talking of angels Davy, Burns gave this advice to Miss Ainslie in church, which i hope you like:

    Fair maid, you need not take the hint,
    Nor idle texts persue:
    Twas guilty sinners that he meant,
    Not Angels such as you.

  2. He should know a guilty sinner when he meets one.
    Check out the Spider of Portencross, Kidox. I wonder if anyone has given Burns’ mouse a voice like this in verse.

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