Courtyard Studios Open weekend

Gordon, Omar, Chick and some other bloke in Irvine Times article for the open weekend down at wasps studios

irvine times courtyard pic

The weekend went well but the weather was cold, wet and windy on Saturday. The artists reckoned it had been busier in previous years but that may have been down to the weather. Good to be in amongst it again though – energy boost. (Hence , the new blog)

~ by David Reid on October 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Courtyard Studios Open weekend”

  1. Back to the beginning. Do you still find blogging motivating?

    • Well, almost five years now! Strange to think it! Blogging has become less of a novelty these days and more a part and parcel of the workload. Not a burden at all but a diary of sorts to keep the work moving along. I sometimes use it to remind myself of recent workrate. A motivator in that sense, to keep it going. The social aspect is a real bonus, who doesn’t like getting likes! I don’t really know any of the bloggers I follow or those following here, but I know them through the work they do and that is a real joy. I love to see all you artists pluging away daily at the muse and I find it a help to see how busy folk are. I need a kick every now and then cause I am such a procrastinator. I would like to be more of a regular poster and have a better daily routine but life always gets in the way somehow. I wil keep going till I can’t

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